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Direct Funds
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  • Suitable for experienced investors
  • Zero fee to setup account
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  • Account free for life time
Regular Funds
  • Free personalized advice
  • Free asset allocation
  • Free monitoring
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  • Set fees Rs.10,000
  • Free personalized advice
  • Free asset allocation
  • Free monitoring
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1. How do I make payments for my one time as well as additional purchases?

You can transfer funds via net banking to buy mutual funds in SIP or lump sum using the bank mandate you have registered with us..

3. Are there any charges if I increase my SIP investment? Or reduce it? Or cancel it??

No. You can increase your SIP, reduce it to zero, modify the entire SIP plan, and change the date – all at no extra cost.

4. Do I get charged when I sell or switch my investments?

No, you don’t. We do not charge you when you sell or switch.

5. What happens to my money after I have made an investment with you?

After you invest with us, your money moves directly from your bank account to the Mutual Fund Company’s account. When you sell, your money is transferred by the Mutual Fund Company directly to your bank account. We keep a track of this process and at no time does your money pass through our bank account or BSE.

6. What is the maximum amount I can invest at a time using Net banking?

The maximum you can invest via Net banking transaction is Rs 9.99 crores. You will need to get in touch with your bank to increase your net banking limit, as it’s generally set at Rs 5 -10 lakhs per customer by the banks.

7. How much can I invest at a time in SIP or using Auto-Pay?

You can invest a maximum of Rs 1 crore per mutual fund scheme using SIP & Auto – Pay ( you can set the limit lower in the bank mandate you give us). You can increase your Auto-Pay & SIP limit by sending us a new mandate. Your mandate will be applicable only to your transaction at EzeeHouse.

8. What is the maximum time I can set up an SIP for?

You can set up your SIP in perpetuity till the year 2099 at a time. When this period ends, we will inform you of your SIP expiring and will ask you to create a new SIP for the same fund.

9. Does EzeeHouse earn commissions on Mutual Funds you sell?

We do not receive any hidden commissions from mutual fund companies in Direct Plans. The commission you save comes back to you in the form of higher NAV.

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