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Why Choose Us ?

5 reasons to invest with EzeeHouse - It is the smartest thing to do with your money.

Best mutual funds handpicked

Best mutual funds handpicked

Our financial experts shortlist only the best mutual funds that have outperformed the benchmarks and competition over a long-term consistently.

Well diversified portfolio

Your eggs (money) in lots of different baskets (funds).

EzeeHouse invests your money across the entire stock market and debt markets using mutual funds. With us, you get the benefit of market diversification and not betting on a single stock or bond.

This is based on Modern Portfolio theory by Harry Markowitz, who showed that you can get minimum volatility (risk) with maximum return (profit) by portfolio diversification.

Well diversified portfolio
Mutual fund rebalancing


We believe that rebalancing is essential for long term wealth creation. We manage your portfolio to maximize your returns & reduce risk and ensure you don’t lose money due to exit load and taxes.

Invest your money with Smart Technology + Investment Experts

We have brought professional investing for retail clients which is made simple and easy by our smart technology. Along with this our team of investment advisors and experts are always available to you.

Invest your money with Smart Experts

Zero Fees and completely transparent

Free online broker, brokerages and banks charge transaction fee and account opening fees whereas EzeeHouse charges ZERO rupees. It is free for you.

Everything you need is under one roof and in the safe, passionate hands of our close-knit EzeeHouse team!