Mutual Funds Plus

Earn extra upto 8% to 12%* on your mutual funds investment

Mutual Funds Plus = Mutual fund returns + extra 12%*


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Earn extra upto 8% to 12% from Mutual Funds and ETFs investment

With a minimum starting investment of Rs 3 lakhs.

This means that in four years, you earn additional returns of approximately 55%.

For example:-

Your Rs 10 lakhs invested in NIFTY will be Rs 15,38,000 approx in 4 years


With Mutual Fund Plus, Rs 10 Lakhs will be Rs 20,80,000 approx in 4 years.

Mutual Funds Plus would have doubled Your returns to 108% approx.

How do I start investing ?

Do what smart investors do, start investing like professionals do.


Create your EzeeHouse Account

Create your free EzeeHouse account by clicking the button below. Once you have created your account, we will contact you via a phone call to start your investment journey. The minimum investment amount for Mutual Fund Plus is Rs 3 lakhs.

We will create your Demat Account

Next, we will help you create your Demat Account with our partner AC Agarwal.




Then we will collateralize your mutual funds with the stock exchange. For Rs 100 that you invest, you will be given a margin of Rs 75 to 80
So, for an investment of Rs 10 lakhs, the exchange will give you a margin of Rs 8 lakhs for derivative trading, the difference of the two lakhs is kept by the exchange to protect itself from market downsides - this is called a haircut.

Margin Money

Next, with margin money we would trade in low risk derivative trades on NIFTY or BANK NIFTY to generate the extra income of up to 12% p.a. *



Earn, Redeem or Reinvest

Earn a monthly income, choose to redeem it for your expenses or reinvest it to benefit from compounding

Important Points

We all need to know the risks involved

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Margin Call

Volatility in the markets increases option prices, this means the market might ask you for extra margin money which can lead to lower returns

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Liquidation Risk

In case of a loss from derivative positions, your underlying mutual funds may be liquidated or additional capital may be required.

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Returns Risk

In a bear market, your mutual funds may drop in value and this will lead to decrease in your returns

Why Invest with us?

We take strong risk management measures to protect your capital.

1. We take positions on high probability trades mostly by writing options with negative theta.

2. We do not position in naked options.

3. We may opt for low risk covered calls to generate extra income

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Are you ready to supercharge your investments with Mutual Fund Plus?

Once you have signed up, we will contact you very soon via a phone call.

*All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of money you invest, and past performance does not guarantee future performance.