Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is owned by EzeeHouse Services Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Ezeehouse”,”us” and “we”) which has its registered office at Meena Garden, Bandikui Road, Rajgarh, District Alwar, Rajasthan. The corporate office is at 302, Geentash Class of Pearl, K 48-49, Income Tax Colony, Durgapura Tonk Road, Jaipur.

The privacy policy and terms of use should be taken into consideration together by you (hereinafter referred to as the “user”/”guest”/”seller”/ “service provider”/”you”/”your”). Customers, service providers, sellers, users and guest users are legally bound by the both privacy policy and terms of use.

The privacy policy will be effective from 1st Apirl 2016. EzeeHouse has adopted the privacy policy in compliance with IT ACT 2008 and rules thereunder to inform your concerns regarding what information is collected, manner of the information is collected, stored, transferred, processed and how it is used.

Please make sure you read the privacy policy carefully. privacy policy might change from time to time without prior notification; you are therefore requested to review the policy periodically so you recognize the changes which have been made.

Visiting/signing up as user, seller, service provider at our website website/ app etc means you have given us your consent/confirmation to collect, use, transfer, process, store and disclose personal identifiable information and non-identifiable information.


Personal identifiable information (PII)

All users shall be at least 18 years of age and must be able to form legal contract which are enforceable as per the laws applicable in India. If you are minor you would not be allowed to use the services of the website. By registering on the website you acknowledge, agree and accept you are more than 18 years of age. In case the website comes to know or doubts that you are underage your usage can be suspended or terminated. Notwithstanding the forgoing, if you are a minor (below 18 years) than you should read the terms of use along with the privacy policy with your parents/guardian and the contract thus formed would be between EzeeHouse and your legal guardian or parents.

Collection of PII

EzeeHouse collects this information when you register as a user/seller/service provider, use services on EzeeHouse but not limited to buying a product, requesting for a service, browsing, filling online surveys, giving reviews, giving feedback, contests, writing emails and talking to customer care.

Non identifiable information

will also be collected when you browse the website like Website usage patterns, browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) and device information, including internet protocol (IP) address of computer or internet service provider, operating system, demographic information such as gender, politics, postcode, address, preferences and interests, other information relevant to user surveys and/or offers.

Collection of Non identifiable information and Cookie

EzeeHouse and third parties may use tracking technology and cookies which store non identifiable information. “Cookies” store information about you on your computer hard drive. EzeeHouse may use this information to understand your usage of this and other websites. Usage may include but not limited to time, date, number of visits, preferences and interaction with our products and services. EzeeHouse may use this to make a successful ad campaign or personalized ads which may include transfer of information to third party.

You have an option of turning off cookie storage on your computer but this might prevent you from using certain features on the website.


We would use information to provide services and products which you have requested for. We would use the data collected to get more information with service requested, deliver the product, do service/product billing, payment collection, share information with third parties to get service done, product delivered and payments through gateways like “PayUmoney”. We will use it for record keeping, promotions, offers, emails, surveys, promotional offers and emails and marketing. We will use it for collecting feedback; create better user experience for you on website and improve product offerings. We will use it for dispute resolution, protect users/service experts/sellers and terms of use, gauge customer interest, reduce criminal and fraudulent activities, correct errors and improve safety.

EzeeHouse will not lease, distribute and sell any of your information to third party until unless it is required by law to so.

Links to third party websites

We at EzeeHouse are not responsible for privacy policy and terms of use of third parties websites. Links to third parties websites from our EzeeHouse website may collect your PII


EzeeHouse has strict guidelines which are meant to protect your information from unauthorized access, destruction, alteration and disclosure by any service provider/seller/ any other third party. EzeeHouse servers, data processors and employees who have access and store user information have to adhere to rigors and stringent rules and have to respect the confidentiality of information as per this privacy policy.

You can request for your PII stored with us by contacting You would/may have to pay the minimal cost attached with this.

Regardless of the above, EzeeHouse in no way guarantee access, destruction, alteration and loss of information which is stored with it. EzeeHouse will also not be responsible or liable for any breach or loss of information.


When you register and/or use EzeeHouse means you have given consent and accept EzeeHouse’s privacy policy and terms of use. Your consent means we can collect, use and store your information as included but limited as per this privacy policy.

Sale of Asset/Business

In case of an asset or business takeover of a part or whole of EzeeHouse through but not limited to merger, acquisition, asset sale and bankruptcy etc , EzeeHouse has the right to share and transfer information collected from users, sellers and service providers to third party.

Opting out and discretion

You are providing PII and non-identifiable information out of your free will. You have an option to refuse to provide the above information, take back your consent by writing to On doing so you can not avail EzeeHouse services or products, we also have the right to refuse services and restrict your access to EzeeHouse website/app,

Information once provided by you will be stored in our records indefinitely.

Updates and changes

This privacy policy along with terms of use are updated and changed as and when needed from time to time. You are advised to review them periodically so you are aware of the changes and updates. Your continued usage means that you are comfortable with the privacy policy and terms of use and your usage will constitute your acceptance to them.

Queries or Contact Us

If you have any queries or comments regarding this privacy policy and terms of use please feel free contact EzeeHouse at

Designated grievance officer: Deepika Meena